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Portrait 05 , 76 x 57 cm/ 29.9 x 22.4 inch, Water Color , by ASSALMI Mohammed
Portrait 05 , 76 x 57 cm/ 29.9 x 22.4 inch, Water Color , by ASSALMI Mohammed

My name is Mohamed ASSALMI,

I have about thirty years of career and have exhibited several times in various regions of the kingdom, from north to south.

I say I’m a painter pretty converted into Impressionism and Figurative: the nature of the Moroccan South with all the impressions that it creates, the magnificence of Arabian horses, fantasia, the feelings of complicity and friendship vented by the characters of the South, these are the major themes of my artistic production.

My artistic language devoid of any emphasis, simple and rich in metaphors, goes straight to the heart. I forged my name, give me a complete artist status thanks to the maturity of my talent, mastery of the art of the knife, the choice of topics and to my daily quest for novel and ideal.

I have developed a personal style marked by the depth and abundance and dedicated to the search for identity conditioned by originality and a homecoming.

The act of painting at home is not an empty word, I know how to exalt the measure with the beauty of my land, crunching a few strokes or brush the natural beauty of simple people who still retain intact their unalterable personality, authenticity and picturesque all that is typically local and worthy of large pallets. My paintings are dreamy atmospheres.

Armed with my sensitivity, my allusive painting highlights a nostalgia that reflects the deep look of Morocco through the movement and the richness of its colors and landscapes. I work on the world of apparent beauty, spirit and art, enriched by way of a singular pictorial experience continually challenged and contemplations taken from an evolutionary reflection. Painter of Impressionism nostalgic, I cleverly mixed chromatic magic and poetry in my paintings that demonstrate my unquestionable talent.

My painting is a subjective interpretation of the wonders and the picturesque magnificence of the Moroccan South, often forgotten and marginalized. I share with the receivers the right to dream and the concern to revisit the places abandoned, by capturing the details the most impressionistic and traces of time through the effects of the paint using the Knife.


2019 : « Painting Master Class » du 24aux 30 juin 2019 Luxembourg

2018 : “Le Peintre et son Identité” Nobl’ys Gallery Rabat

2018 : La sculpture en partage, La galerie banque populaire Rabat

2016: Gallery of the cure. Vermenton France
2015: Cultural Complex Al Hourria, Fes
2013: National Contemporary Art Exhibition Casablanca
2012: Nobl’ys Gallery Rabat
2012: Alfanan Gallery Rabat
2011: national theater Mohammed V Rabat
2010: Show of the horse El Jadida
2009: The 1st edition of the international art fair, Casablanca
2009: The first edition of “places to artists”, Rabat
2008: Espace Expressions CDG in Rabat
2004: Regular exhibition at the blue gallery in Marrakech
2001: CDG Art Gallery in Rabat
2001: Hotel SAFIR in Casablanca
1998: Festival Tafilalet at the theater Mohammed V in Rabat
1997: Salle “la Découverte” in rabat
1994: From 1994, regular exhibitions in Casablanca
1992: Outdoor exhibition in Agadir
1990: Exhibition at Errachidia
1990: Institute of music in Temara
1990: Second Plastic Arts Festival in Oujda
1988: Artisanal complex in Errachidia
1986: Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Meknes